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Target’s New Ads Poke Fun At High Fashion Advertising

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In a series of new ads by Target, the retail company pokes fun at high fashion advertising by featuring models who treat groceries and home products like fashion accessories.

According to Business Insider, the campaign is part of an initiative by Target to focus more on its grocery-store aisle.

In the first spot, a model struts down a runway as boxes of muffin and cake mix explode in different colors—she then proceeds to crush and egg with her hand.

In the second spot, a ‘pregnant’ model can be seen ripping through bags of chips, cookies and other cravings.

In the third, another model dances gracefully with a bottle of laundry detergent as she seductively narrates her desire for a fresh sock.

In the last spot, a model plays ‘matador’ with packets of fresh meat—asking viewers to “conquer dinner, one cut of meat at a time”.

Watch the ads below:


[via Business Insider]
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