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Phone Sensors That Detect Bad Breath, Disease

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San Francisco-based startup Adamant Technologies is developing sensors that would give our smartphones the ability to smell and taste.

As a revolutionary way to let users gain insight into to state of their body and surroundings, the sensors mimic the human nose, and would be able to identify odors.


While a human nose has about 400 ‘sensors’ to pick out chemicals in the air (and know what pizza or chocolate cookies smell like), the company’s technology has about 2,000 sensors, and is paired with a wide range of databases to correctly identify smells.

In the future, the company hopes that the sensors would be included in smartphones and other devices, and be able to: detect bad breath, monitor medical conditions (such as diabetes), detect alcohol levels within the body, detect infections or illnesses, detect expired food, and more.

Currently, a plug-in iPhone device is being developed in Austin, Texas, which will retail at US$100 or less.

[via Business Insider, image via Aaron Amat /]
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