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Intriguing Minimalistic Puzzle App That Requires Quick Thinking

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Software game company Semi Sercret has created a minimalistic, yet addictive game that requires you to think on your feet.

Called ‘Hundreds’, the aim is to tap on floating grey circles until their sums hit a total of 100.

It may sound simple, but these circles will be bouncing around with real-time physics—and as their value grows, they turn red and balloon out.

The game ends when the red balloon hits anything else on the screen.

The game also introduces challenges in the later stages, such as adding saws, negative numbers, tethered circles that grow in pairs and pause/play buttons.

“I think that [minimalism] helps us a lot to stand out, and not look like other games,” said the game’s creative designer Adam Saltsman.“I think it helps us a lot that we don’t have to worry very much about, like, whether the art is gender-neutral or not.”


“And I think it lets us really push the gameplay to the very edge, since there is nothing distracting the player that does not also have a very functional or intentional purpose.”

Hundreds is currently available in the iTunes Store for US$2.99.

Click to watch the video below:

[via Hundreds]
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