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Track Your Luggage, Identify Its Exact Location If It's Lost

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Losing your luggage is the one of the worst things that could happen to you when traveling.

Los Angeles, California-based company GlobeTrac has developed a solution—or at least something ease your mind—when your luggage goes missing.

Called ‘Trakdot’, the palm-sized luggage tracking device lets you pair it to your cell phone and pack into your suitcase, before checking in your bag.

When you land at your destination, the device would notify you of your bag’s location, via a text message or email—whether it’s in the same country as you are; and if it’s not, its exact location.


Bags can also be tracked on Trakdot’s free app and website—to more specifically identify its location, such as where it is on the baggage carousel.

The device can also be linked up to 20 mobile numbers, and each phone can track multiple Trakdot devices.

Trakdot runs on two AA batteries, and will be available by the end of March, at a price of US$50.

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