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The ‘World’s Thinnest Watch’?

Chicago-based design company Central Standard Timing has claimed to have produced the ‘world’s thinnest watch’ that is as thin as a credit card.

Called the ‘CST-01’, this futuristic-looking timepiece is made with various flexible components laminated into a 0.5mm pocket and etched into a single piece of flexible stainless steel.

The time is displayed on an e-ink screen and there are no buttons or knobs on the watch itself—time setting has to be done through an external base station, which also serves as a charger.

The watch charges in ten minutes and each charge lasts for an entire month thanks to its ‘THINERGY Micro-Energy Cell’ (MEC) that will keep the watch ticking for 15 years.

Currently, the company is seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Click to watch its Kickstarter video below:

[via Central Standard Timing]
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