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Artist Photographs Himself In ‘Suspended Peril’

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Visual artist Kerry Skarbakka has created a self-portrait series, in which he captures himself in moments of ‘suspended peril’.

Titled ‘Struggle to Right Oneself’, Kerry is featured falling from trees, slipping in the shower, tumbling down stairs and leaping off a bridge.

Skarbakka references his works to philosopher Martin Heidegger and his description of human existence as a process of ‘perpetual falling’, and the responsibility to ‘catch ourselves from our own uncertainty’.

“This photographic work is in response to this delicate state,” said Skarbakka. “It comprises a culmination of thought and emotion, a tying together of the threads of everything I perceive life has come to represent. It is my understanding and my perspective, which relies on the shifting human conditions of the world that we inhabit.”

“Its exploration resides in the sublime metaphorical space from where balance has been disrupted to the definitive point of no return. It asks the question of what it means to resist the struggle, to simply let go. Or what are the consequences of holding on?”


[via Skarbakka]
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