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Photographers Match Geo-Tagged Tweets With Pictures Of Their Physical Locations

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American photographers and university lecturers Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman have given tweets a geographical dimension, by matching them with pictures of the locations from which they were posted.

Scanning the thousands of geo-tagged tweets posted on public accounts, the duo would physically travel down to the tweets’ stated locations and snap photographs of them for the project, entitled 'Geolocation'.

According to Larson, the project “isn’t just about Twitter, it's about how people are interacting online”.

The duo usually arrives at the location a week or two after the tweet was posted, but they have managed to reach some within the hour—although they would love to meet the people whose tweets they are documenting, such chance encounters have not yet happened.

Considering how communication is influenced by geography and culture, Larson and Shindelman are looking beyond the borders of the US, and hope to bring their project to South Korea, Kosvo, Russia and the Middle East next.

Head over here for more information on Geolocation.

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[via Wired]
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