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An Orbiting Hotel Aboard A Space Station, For Space Vacationers

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Commercial space travel looks set to become a reality—first with a shuttle service to the moon and now, a hotel housed in a commercial space station.

Promising a truly out-of-the-world experience, Russian company Orbital Technologies plans to develop a commercial space station that would serve as an orbiting hotel, 217 miles from the surface of Earth.

As can be expected, a space vacation like this will not come cheap—a ticket to the space station will set travelers back US$80,000, and another US$160,000 is chargeable for five days of accommodation.

Designed for comfort and leisure, the hotel comes with an experience space crew and will be serving up gourmet food instead of the bland food tubes astronauts traditionally eat—it is even equipped with windows, cameras and binoculars to allow guests to take in the breath-taking view.

Would you be making outer-space your next travel destination?


[via Web Urbanist]
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