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Alcohol-Aware Ice Cubes Warn Users Of Over-Drinking

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After suffering from an alcohol-induced black out, product designer Dhairya Dand created alcohol-aware ice cubes that warn drinkers when they had too much to drink.

Called ‘Cheers’, these jellied ‘ice cubes’ are able to calculate sips and ‘reliably guess how drunk’ a person is.

The electronics inside the ice-cubes will cause an LED bulb to change color from green, to orange, and finally red as the person carries on drinking.

If the person goes beyond the ‘drinking limit’, the cubes will send a text message to a close friend via smartphone, informing the friend of the ‘drinking problem’.

When the ice cubes glow, they are even able match the beat of ambient music .

Click to watch how Cheers works:


[via Dhairya Dand]
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