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Reintroducing Yellow!

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What happened to DesignTAXI?

Bringing Back The ‘Yellow Fever’!

When DesignTAXI was first launched a decade ago, we wanted a website that was just yellow and black in color.

Out of the four revamps that were done for the site over the last 10 years, three of the four were yellow—except for the last.

After a two-year pause of not using yellow, we’re bringing the color signature to DesignTAXI back to mark our 10th year anniversary being online.

This time, instead of using ‘PANTONE PMS 109C’, we’re using a livelier hue, the web color “yellow”—to better reflect our position on the web, and echo our vision of being a universally accessible vehicle for driving ‘brighter’ ideas.


In our new redesign, the top navigation bar has been rid of; alternatively, we have streamlined our content on the front page and news page for consistency in presentation and layout.

The highlights of the day would be in the yellow tab at the top of the main page, while the rest of the page seamlessly integrates the different sections (previously found in the Navigation Bar) for increased efficiency.

Within the content on, users can once in a while find sneak peeks of various portfolios and creative goods as they scroll down.

Within each news piece, users can more easily access stories within the same category.

Easy-On-The-Eyes, Reader-Friendly Design


For more comfortable reading, DesignTAXI now uses web fonts in larger font sizes, and has added more spacing between sentences.

More white space within the pages has also been included for less clutter.

Adaptive Design Interface

DesignTAXI’s web page is also responsive and adaptive, and scales according to various screen sizes. The wider the screen, the more columns would show, and vice versa.

For an endless stream of inspiration, infinite scrolling has also been added for users to continue discovering content of interest.

Easier Sharing

Each article within the front page can also be more easily shared on various social networks, just by hovering over images and clicking the sharing options.

Find Us On Google+

The launch of DesignTAXI’s ‘yellow’ redesign this year also ties in with our expansion into Google+’s network. Follow us here.

Our first design in 2003

Updated in 2008, expanded grid inspired by urban planning

A redesign inspired by print in 2009
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