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'Confession Booth' For Creatives, To Seek Forgiveness For Their Sins

Every profession or industry has its own set of rules or ‘commandments’, but what happens when creatives break them?

The Creative Confessional is the place where ‘sinners’ visit in order to atone for their creative wrongdoings.

Similar to a confession booth, creatives are invited to ‘anonymously confess’ to their sins.

For example, some sins include: “I set type in comic sans just to piss off my art director”; “Sometimes, the client is right.”; and “I change great ideas to make them my own.”

After confessing, fellow creatives can choose to ‘absolve’ or ‘condemn’ the sinner—depending on how severe the sin is.

Before you are quick to pass judgement, always remember: “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”.

[via The Creative Confessional]
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