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Coffee That Protects You From The Flu

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Food and beverage manufacturer Tipton Mills has introduced a coffee that could help prevent colds and flus, and maintain a healthy digestive tract in its consumers.

Dubbed ‘Probiotic Instant Coffee’—or the “world’s first probiotic coffee”, according to the company—the drink contains GanadenBC30, which has 10 times the cultures that regular probiotic yogurt has.

Unlike the probiotics in yogurts that are sensitive to temperature, the GanadenBC30 probiotics developed by Ganaden Biotech don’t die in hot drinks, and can survive stomach acids.

“[The probiotic] is heat stable allowing the bacillus to survive in the intestine,” Tim Sheehy, the president of Tipton Mills, told Fast Co. Exist.


Ganaden Biotech’s probiotics could be used in more products than just coffee in the future, for better digestive systems and immunity in people.

Tipton Mills’ Probiotic Instant Coffee is available at US$5.49 for a pack of 6 sachets, and US$32.49 for a pack of 36.

[via Tipton Mills and Fast Co. Exist]
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