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Artist Uses His Own Blood & Urine To Create Striking Pop Art

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If Brazilian visual artist Vinicius Quesada says that he puts a piece of himself into every piece of art he creates, it will actually be true—his collages are made using paint that have been infused with his own blood and urine.

His striking series of artworks—aptly entitled “Blood, Piss, Blues”—is rendered predominantly in red, which means that quite a bit of blood went into them.

“To each color, I add a specific amount of blood, depending on the tone. Green/yellow receives less blood and I also add urine. Red takes a lot more, but I also use real paint.”

Dealing with diverse themes from fashion to apocalyptic scenes, these pieces are definitely fascinating—but will you want a blood and urine splattered artwork hanging in your home?


[via So Good So Bad]
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