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NYC Restaurants Ban Customers From Taking Instagram Pictures Of Their Food

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Bad news hipsters, several restaurants in NYC have banned customers from taking photos of their food, according to the New York Times.

With this ban, it might spell the demise of ‘foodstagramming’, a popular practice that involves taking Instagram pictures of food and sharing them online.

“Everybody wants to get their shot,” said Steve Hall, a spokesperson for American chef David Bouley. “They don’t care how it affects people around them.”


Moe Issa, the owner of Chef’s Table, was one of the few restaurant owners or chefs who supported the ban of foodstagramming after it became too much of a distraction to other diners in his 18-seat restaurant.

He said, “Some people are arrogant about it. They don’t understand why. But we explain that it’s one big table and we want the people around you to enjoy their meal. They pay a lot of money for this meal. It became even a distraction for the chef.”

Should restaurants ban foodstagramming? And hands up if you are guilty of taking pictures of your meal!

[via New York Times]
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