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A Photo-Printed Glass House Disguises Itself As A Historical Building

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Dutch architectural firm MVRDV has recently completed an intriguing building in Schijndel, a town in The Netherlands—a glass house that has been photo-printed to look like a historical local farmhouse.

Featuring a façade made completely of glass, this unique, translucent building has an interesting mirage-like quality that may make you wonder if it is really there.

Artist Frank van der Salm was enlisted to photograph the traditional farmhouses in the region—these pictures were then printed onto the glass façade, creating a wonderful stain glass window effect for the building.

From the outside, this Glass Farm looks like an gigantic version of those foldable cardboard building models, while people on the inside looking out will see mirror images of the farmhouse.

Learn more about this fun smoke-and-mirrors structure over here.


[via Arch Daily]
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