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Gadget Helps You Decide If You Should Cycle To Work

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Should you cycle to work today, or take the train?

London-based Richard Pope has created a gadget that helps you decide.

Called the ‘Bicycle Barometer’, the device, made out of an old clock, pulls in data about the weather and the subway and points towards the best option.

If it’s raining, even just a little, the barometer would advice you to take the train.


But if there seems to be train delays or breakdowns, the arrow will veer slightly to the other direction.

Barometer Bicycle uses Nanode and taps on the APIs of Transport for London’s line status and station status, and the Met Office’s Datapoint.

Pope also wrote up a how-to for those interested in creating their own.

Watch the video for the gadget’s demo:

[via Richard Pope]
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