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Hot-Air Balloon Powered By Solar Energy

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Argentinian artist Tomàs Saraceno has successfully fused his interests in engineering and biological sciences with his invention of a hot-air balloon that is powered by good-ol’ sunlight.

The invention stems from Saraceno’s project titled, ‘59 Steps To Be On Air By Sun Power’. Each step was documented in a series of instructions.

With just two people helping each other out, the artist assures us that the solar-powered balloon can be recreated by anybody within 24 hours.

Made primarily of modest every-day items like large garbage bags, transparent tape, rope and bicycle wheels, the structure truly seems a lot more humble than its actual capabilities.

Are you up for the challenge of making a solar powered hot-air balloon? If you are, you can download the instructions here and hopefully you’ll be cruising the skies above in no time.

[via, images via Tomàs Saraceno and Foundation Entreprise Hermès]
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