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World’s First Point-And-Shoot 3D Camera

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Austin, Texas-based company Lynx Laboratories has claimed that it has come up with the “world’s first point-and-shoot 3D camera”.

The non-conventional camera, called the ‘Lynx A’, looks like a tablet, and lets you capture 3D models.

The 3D camera offers three capture modes: scene modeling, object modeling, and motion capture.

In scene modeling mode, users just have to sweep the camera in 360-degrees for the camera to build the 3D model of the space.

Object modeling mode lets users capture a 3D model of an object, by walking around the object—the 3D model can also be printed out using a 3D printer.

Motion capture mode lets users capture the actions of moving subjects and sync in into animations.

Lynx A has a 640x480 color digital camera, a 3D sensor, and a 14-inch color LCD screen.

It also has a graphics card for rendering 3D models, high capacity-storage, and a four-hour battery life.

Currently, Lynx A is seeking funding on Kickstarter.


[via Kickstarter]
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