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‘Chocolate Lamp’ Melts At First Light

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Sweden-based designer Alexander Lervik—with the help of Scandinavian LED specialists SAAS Instruments—created a chocolate lamp that is unlike any other.

The ‘Poetry of Light’ chocolate lamp—aka Lumière au Chocolate—appears to be a solid block of chocolate at first. But when the incandescent light bulb on its inside gets switched on, it heats up the chocolate and the lamp melts in 15 minutes.

“The material and structure of the lamp are the result of pure curiosity,” the video description of the chocolate lamp wrote. “Alexander Lervik wanted to explore the possibility of creating a contrast to light, i.e. dark. The shape of the lamp has been devised based on extensive testing involving the melting process.”

Lervik also said: “I find it poetic, with complete darkness at first and then a tiny ray of light penetrates the dark chocolate.”


[via Alexander Lervik]
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