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Signs Of The Apocalypse: ‘Internet Explorer Is Actually Good Now’

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Microsoft’s campaign for the new Internet Explorer—which includes the nostalgia-laced “Child of the 90s” ad—has garnered quite a bit of interest.

Making use of the Internet Explorer’s reputation for being “the browser you loved to hate”, the brand released a series of tongue-in-cheek prints that illustrates the “Signs of the Apocalypse”.

Poking fun at the dramatic nature of the Instagram generation, the prints feature almost impossible scenarios—such as “No one on the internet seems to have an opinion”—that may point towards the coming of the apocalypse.

This ad shows Microsoft’s ability to make fun of itself—in exchange for positive publicity—when it included “Internet Explorer is actually good now” as one of the signs that the world is ending.

What do you think—is the Internet Explorer actually good now?


[via The Browser You Loved To Hate]
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