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Pixar Animator Recaps NFL Season With Amazing Illustrations

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Giants VS Cowboys

Pixar animator Austin Madison—who worked on movies such as ‘Ratatouille’, ‘Toy Story 3’ and ‘Up’—has recapped the National Football League (NFL) season with a series of amazing and creative illustrations.

According to Madison, he isn’t a huge football fan, but when he hears team names, he literally translates them in his illustrations.

For example, when he hears ‘Giants VS Cowboys’, he imagines actual cowboys trying to bring down a club-wielding giant.

Check out more of his NFL-inspired illustrations here.

Broncos VS Falcons

Redskins VS Buccaneers

Lions VS Eagles


Niners VS Cardinals

Steelers VS Giants

Titans VS Dolphins

Vikings VS Rams

Raiders VS Panthers

Bengals VS Texans

Panthers VS Saints

[via Austin Madison]
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