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McDonald’s Offers ‘Fine Dining’ Option, Serves Burgers On Plates

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A McDonald’s outlet in Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia has started to offer a more stylish way to enjoy fast-food meals: customers are given the option of plates, cutlery and table service, like that of a fine dining restaurant.

According to Illawarra Mercury, Warilla McDonald’s is the first McDonald’s outlet in the world to offer such service.

On Monday of Tuesday from 5-8PM, anyone ordering a Big Mac, Chicken Deluxe or Grand Angus burger meal, to eat in, would be given the option of having a table set up with crockery and glassware, and have the meal delivered to their table.

Franchisees of the fast-food restaurant, Glenn and Katia Dwarte, came up with the idea after they started serving meals that way to their parents and in-laws when they visited the restaurant.


The fast food giant’s global headquarters in Chicago gave the outlet the ‘go-ahead’ to try out the table service for five weeks, which started on Monday.

On top of setting up this interesting fast-food dining experience, the Dwartes also came up with an innovative way to order food, which is currently being trialed—a mobile ordering app.

“People can download an app on their iPhone and can place and pay for it before they get here,” Glenn Dwarte told Illawarra Mercury.

Could this put a new light on fast-food dining?

[via Illawarra Mercury, image via Dave Tease]
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