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‘A' Design Award And Competition’ That’s Open To All Creative Disciplines

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Ever had a great design that you wanted to submit for an award, but couldn’t because of the competition’s restrictions? Not to worry, A’ Design Award and Competition is here.

If there’s a design competition that’s open to anyone of almost any discipline, A’ Design Award and Competition has to be it.

The competition aims to highlight the best designs, design concepts and prototypes, and design-oriented products and services spanning across 80 disciplines —from product, furniture and packaging design, to transportation, lighting and digital device design.

Companies, designers and innovators from all design fields, regardless of their level of experience, are all freely allowed to take part.

The competition offers designers a chance to network, gain publicity and the attention of the media, publishers and buyers from all over the world—as the winning products and designs would be showcased to the public internationally, at the A’ Design Award Gala-Night and Exhibition and MOOD: Museum of Outstanding Design in Italy.

Various companies and media partners, along with the designers, would be brought together at the Gala-Night and Exhibition—making the event a stepping stone for designers to gain more connections.

Winners would be featured in a printed and online yearbook, receive a uniquely-shaped trophy—that’s created using the latest production techniques, 3D metal printings of stainless steel—and be able to use the award’s badges and stickers to further underscore their products and designs.

A’ Design Award and Competition will also help designers sell their winning ideas to companies through a bidding system.

The deadline for submissions closes on 28 February 2013—so why not register and take part in the A’ Design Award and Competition, to stand a chance to win.

Winners will be contacted on 7 March 2013; with results announced, and posted on DesignTAXI, on 15 April 2013 when the exhibition starts.

To find out more about the competition, go here. For inspiration to create a submission, or the competition’s past ideas could give you an example or two of winning concepts.

Artificial Topography by Ryumei Fujiki


Prevue by Melody Yi-Yun Shiue

Arnica Bora by Yasemin Ulukan

[ripple] Club House by Kris Lin

Motor Capsule by Athanasia Leivaditou

Massimals by Design Office Takebayashi Scroggin (d.o.t.s)

Majeka House Renovation by Etienne Hanekom For Majeka House

Vespeo by Stefan Radev

Zip Tie Massimal by Design Office Takebayashi Scroggin (d.o.t.s)

Vortex by Deniz Karasahin

  1. Register to competition and submit your works here:

  2. Learn more about the competition here:

  3. Select winners will also be published on DesignTAXI on 15 April 2013.

  4. This announcement is sponsored by A’ Design Award and Competition.
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