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In South Korea, Samsung Turns ‘Bridge Of Suicides’ Into ‘Bridge Of Life’

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South Korea has the highest suicide rate among the 34 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.

In a bid to prevent suicidal behavior in South Korea, Samsung Life Insurance (a subsidiary of Samsung) teamed up with Cheil Worldwide to turn the Mapo Bridge—one of the most common spots for suicide attempts—into the ‘Bridge of Life’.

With its easy accessibility to pedestrians and location near the CBD, the Bridge of Death was chosen by 108 people over the past five years as the destination to commit suicide.

To make those with suicidal tendencies change their minds, Samsung turned the bridge into an interactive bridge, by installing light and sensors at the places people are most likely to jump.


When a person walks by, these sensors light up messages of comfort crafted by psychologists and suicide-prevention activists.

The messages are comforting and sometimes humorous—and state phrases such as: “You must be tired”, “Have you had dinner yet?”, “You must be worried about something”, “The best is yet to come”, “How would you liked to be remembered?”, “Come back again for some fresh air”.

The bridge also includes an ‘Image Zone’ that shows photographs of happy kids, couples and elderly people—to remind the passers-by of their families they choose to be leaving.

The new ‘Bridge Of Life’ also includes a brass statue of two friends with one trying to cheer the other up, called ‘Just Once Again’.

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