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Hasbro Replaces Monopoly 'Iron' Token With A Cat

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After a month long of Hasbro’s “Save Your Token” contest for Monopoly, fans have decided to replace the board game's 'iron' token with a cat.

Voters had to choose their favorite token which they wanted to 'preserve' by going to Monopoly’s Facebook page.

They were then asked to pick their least favorite token and have it replaced by a newer model.

The newer models included a robot, a helicopter, a guitar, a diamond ring and a cat.

In the end, the cat token received 31% of the votes, sending the iron token to 'Jail' permanently.


"We chose all of the new token options by really listening to our fans and hearing what they were talking about," said the vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming, Jonathan Berkowitz.

"We're going to keep listening to our fans... We're going to make sure we keep Monopoly current and exciting, as we're doing with the token vote."

Hasbro will be releasing the new version of the board game in the fall.

[via ABC News]
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