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Leo Burnett Gets Website Blessed, Protected By 'Patron Saint Of The Internet'

Ad agency Leo Burnett Brussels launched a new website.

Paranoid of its new site coming under virus attack, the agency embarked on a journey from Belgium to Seville, Spain, to seek the divine intervention of the Roman Catholic Church and St Isidore, the Patron Saint of the Internet. (Yes, the internet has a patron saint! Who knew?)

Creatives at Leo Burnett Brussels designed a label, and had it blessed by the Archbishop of Seville—so that in case of unforseen failures in firewalls, the server would be protected.

“When firewalls fail, rely on the Holy Spirit,” the agency wrote on its new website. “No antivirus software protects your computer for the full 100%.”

Do you think the label is just egging hackers on to try something funny?

Watch how they got the site blessed below:

[via Leo Burnett Brussels]
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