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A More Intuitive Mobile Email App 

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The truth has been out and circulating for a long time now. We all want that inbox digit telling us how much mail we have left to read, to resemble something small and single, i.e. less than ten. But lately, it's been impossible.

The team at Orchestra, which the company responsible for developing the intuitive Mailbox app, have heard us. They've teamed up with some of Apple's brightest to create an email app that really coincides with the way we interact with our email while on the go.

As Gentry Underwood, CEO of Orchestra, noted, "People don’t want to do the same things on their phone that they’re doing at their desk." In fact, most of us have come to treat our inboxes like "eternally replenishing to-do lists."

Mailbox will be an app that will help you get more organized by allowing you to deal with what you need to worry about and what you don't need to worry about, at a glance.

The secret lies in the app's full utilization of the swiping action to sort incoming and existing mail. A short swipe in the right direction will put things in an archive and a longer right-swipe will send things to the bin. A short swipe leftwards will put things into the right folders and a longer left swipe will 'snooze' that particular email.


The first release of Mailbox would need a pre-order, so if you've reserved a download for yourself already, good for you. But if you're like us, and aren't registered as first adopters, don't fret: we can all still rely on our imperfect but well-practiced, trusty email-ways that don't need re-learning.

That being said, do you think Mailbox's functions are what you need to get more organized, email-wise?

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