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What Specialty Coffee Means To Some

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Some of us can't open our eyes without it; others dream of it and still more others grow cherished friendships around the myriad of aroma and flavors that can result from a bunch of little brown beans.

"Specialty Coffee" is a video that gives all coffee lovers a concrete way to tell others what the 'fuss' about coffee is really about.

Moreover, since the love for something (or someone) is hard to explain or put into words, the content of this video is also a great way to affirm your own beliefs about coffee-loving and discover the intricacies of roasting and creating that perfect cup of coffee. (Did you know that it takes about 2,000 hours for that coveted cup to reach you, from harvest to serving?)

The video features passionate lovers of coffee like ourselves. As people who take pride in being at the end of the coffee chain, they articulate the beauty in the subjectivity of coffee roasting.

So in the future, if you ever find yourself trying to make a non-coffee person understand why you'd willingly shell out six or seven bucks for a seriously good cuppa, fast forward to the part where Blue Bottle Coffee CEO James Freeman tells us how the "miracle product" tastes so good and "makes you smarter and more charming."

If they still don't want to try some… Well, there's always tea.



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