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A Work Desk That Can Be Converted Into A Bed

It’s just another night of struggling to meet a deadline, burning the midnight oil over at the office.

For those who are tired of roughing it out on the couch, that’s where Greece-based designer Athanasia Leivaditou’s (of Studio NL) convertible piece of furniture for the office comes in.

Enter ‘1,6 S.M. of Life’, a work desk that you can transform into a bed instantly—so you can enjoy a siesta and catch a few winks to rejuvenate.

“In the competitive environments of the new Metroplis, work almost defines the purpose of our existence. Physical, psychological and intellectual isolation has become a common phenomenon in the megacities. Our lives are shrinking in order to fit into the confined space of our office,” the desk’s description wrote.

[via DesignRulz and Studio NL]
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