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Web Designer Replaces Client’s Site With Mean Message After Non-Payment

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When web designer Frank Jonen did not get paid for his work, he did what every freelancing designer wants to do—he hijacked the website that he was hired to design and replaced it with a mean message.

According to AdAge, Jonen was hired by a chain of gyms in California called ‘Fitness SF’ to design new logos and a website for them.

After the client ignored his invoices and reminders to pay him for his work, he decided to hijack the website that he designed.

This was what he wrote:

“Normally there is no question of paying one’s dues. It is simply a matter of morals. Having morals and acting upon them or not having any and just betraying the people that got you started. Sadly we’ve come to know what Fitness SF stands for, or you wouldn’t be reading this.”


“Your word on their Facebook accounts will go a long way. We’re a small company in the heart of Europe, which is probably why Fitness SF believes they can sit this out till we perish. Can you support a company that acts like this?”

“I am also writing this on the behalf of the tens of thousands of freelancers and small business out there facing larger corporations who can afford to starve them out. In the movie/visual effects business this is already prevalent. Large studios awarding work to smaller studios or freelancers in the hope they won’t stand to hem when it comes to loads and loads of unpaid work.”

“What Fitness SF is trying here is exactly the same ploy. Give a barren advance, rake up a huge bill and ignore every invoice. Rush fees, heavy overtime and weekend works are expected to be free.”

Most freelancers and designers will probably applaud his actions, but is Jonen’s form of ‘vigilante justice’ too extreme?

What do you think?

[via AdAge and Fitness SF]
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