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A Gorgeous, Bejeweled Helicopter Fit For A French Queen

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Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos has created a beautiful homage to Marie Antoinette, the infamous last French Queen, with a lavishly-decorated, bright pink helicopter.

Covered with fluffy ostrich feathers and sparkling crystals, ‘Lilicoptère’ is the artist’s vision of what the fashionable queen would be riding in, if she were alive today.

“The carriage of Marie Antoinette if she were alive today would be a super wonderful heli. This is the transformation of tradition—an old tradition into a new object,” said Vasconcelos.

Part of her exhibition at the Palace of Versailles last year, this helicopter fit for a queen also boasts of an opulent interior, featuring “intricate woodworks, gildings and embroidered upholstery featuring Marie Antoinette's initials”.


[via Joana Vasconcelos]
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