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Ray-Ban Introduces ‘Real-World Retro Filter’ Through Sunglasses

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To promote its iconic ‘Ambermatic’ sunglasses—in a world where everyone tries to mimic the retro-look with photo filters—Ray-Ban decided to show the power of its sunglasses’ ‘real-life retro filter’.

With its mobile app ‘Ambermatic Analog Photo Filter’
, users can snap a photo with the app—the photo automatically gets sent to the ‘Ambermatic machine’ located in Ray-Ban’s flagship store in London.

The machine reshoots the digital photo through a pair of Ambermatic sunglasses, and sends it back to the user via the mobile app.

After a few seconds, the photo returns to users’ phone, filtered in Ambermatic-style, ready to share.

The photos are also shared on to show what the world looks like through the Ambermatic shades.


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