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You Can Now Charge Your Phone With Hot Coffee, Or Cold Beer

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Your hot cup of coffee in the morning, or cold glass of beer at night, may help refresh you—but that’s not all it could do.

The Epiphany OnE puck is a coaster that not only protects your table from cup rims, but also charges your smartphone with the help of a hot or cold drink.

Using a small Stirling engine within the device that runs on heat disparities, the Epiphany OnE Puck siphons and transforms the heat or cold of your hot or cold drinks into power for your phone.

The device has two sides: one for placing hot beverages—such as tea, coffee or soup—the other for cold, such as beer, milkshake or fruit juice.

As your hot drink cools down, or cold drink heats up, on the respective side of the coaster, its Stirling engine would turn and generate electricity to charge your phone.

However, some variables come into play—such as how hot your hot drink is, and how cold your cold drink is. The more extreme in temperature, the better the energy it provides.


Currently, the device is seeking funding on Kickstarter.

[via Kickstarter]
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