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Former Dutch Prison Gets Turned Into A Luxury Hotel

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The 19th-cenutry Het Arresthius prison in Netherlands has been transformed into a luxury hotel.

Its interior has been redesigned with chic, spacious and modern motifs while preserving its rich history as a former jail-house.

The newly re-purposed jail-house now invites guests to indulge in different suites, a fitness center and even a sauna.

150 holding cells have been changed into 36 luxurious room and seven suites—four of which are special suites known as The Jailer, The Lawyer, The Director and The Judge.

While each of these four quarters has their own design and style, they do share similar privileges such as a double bed, rain shower, air conditioning, free WiFi and even a personal coffee and tea machine.

The hotel also has other communal areas which includes a bar and restaurant, where the establishment jokingly assures that guests will be offered more than just water and bread.


[via Hetarresthuis]
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