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Mesmerizing Typographic Sculptures Made Of Swirling, Dancing Words

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Graphic designer and art director Ebon Heath has created a series of wonderful typographic sculptures that are made out of swirling, dancing strings of words, which have been “liberated from the two-dimensional page”.

Inspired by the graceful curves and movements of dancers, the series—titled ‘Stereo.Type’—is meant to represent “a synthesis of our typographic language with the physical expression of our body language”.

“I want our typography to jump, scream, whisper, and dance, versus lay flat, dead and dormant, to be used and discarded with no concern for its intricate beauty of form, function, and meaning.”

Held together and suspended with strings, these magical-looking sculptures are created in collaboration with dancers, choreographers, mechanical engineers and fabricators.


[via My Modern Met]
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