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In London, A Secret Lullaby Factory Hidden In A Children’s Hospital

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In the back courtyard of the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, a secret Lullaby Factory manufactures melodious lullabies that will uplift the spirits of the young patients in the hospital.

London-based architecture firm Studio Weave designed the Lullaby Factory to occupy an awkward space between buildings, and to cover up the messy pipes and drainage systems that cover the building while construction works for the hospital is underway.

By using the existing pipes of the building and additional recycled metal, pipes and horns, it created a fantasy factory that reaches 10 floors high and 32 meters in length, making it a masterpiece that will capture the imagination of patients to hospital staff alike.

To complete the auditory experience, sound artist Jessica Curry composed the lullabies, which are played through each of the pipes—the soothing music is also on a radio frequency, so all the patients in the wards can tune in to the calming, gentle music.


[via Dezeen]
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