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In China: The Eiffel Tower, Austrian And UK Towns, Get ‘Cloned’

Replicas of famous architecture are springing up all over China.

The most recent 'architectural cloning' concerns renowned British architect Zaha Hadid's prominent Wangjing Soho development in Beijing, which is currently being copied in the rapidly developing city of Chongqing.

Oddly, the clone seems to be slated to be completed before the original building itself. According to reports, Hadid plans to take legal action against the 'pirate architects'.

Other well-known clones include the Eiffel Tower in Tianducheng, copied from Paris; an Austrian town of Hallstatt replicated in Huizhou city, and Thames Town, UK in Shanghai.

When it comes to architecture, is imitation the best form of flattery?

[via, images via Rex Features, Getty Images, Caters News Agency, Alamy, Reuters, AFP, Corbis, Greentown]
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