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Egg Replacement: Plant-Based Eggless Eggs

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Josh Tetrick, founder of Hampton Creek Foods, understands that there are people out there who can't consume eggs (and other foods associated with them).

After working with more than 344 prototypes and studying about 287 different types of plants, his San Francisco-based company has successfully created plant-based egg replacements.


Hampton Creek Foods has began to offer samples of 'Beyond Eggs', and they will initially be marketed as a baking product that will replace eggs in the baking process.

For those who assume that Beyond Eggs will burn a hole in one's pocket, well, we're happy to tell you that it's otherwise. Tetrick assured that his product will be 20% cheaper than other similar products, and will have a longer shelf-life as well.

Most importantly, Tetrick has said that he will not publicly release this product unless they taste exactly like original eggs.

[via, images via Hampton Creek Foods]
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