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Banksy Strikes Back With A New Piece At The Site Of His Stolen Artwork

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After the expression of public outrage over the removal of Banksy’s famous “Child Labor” piece from a wall in London last week, the Miami-based auction house that was supposed to sell the piece withdrew it from sale at the last minute.

New street art has since appeared at the site of the stolen artwork—including a stenciled rat holding a sign that reads “Why?”, which appears to be the handiwork of Banksy himself.

Appearing alongside a satirical sign the reads “Danger: Thieves” and a mural of a nun, the rat is now protected by a sheet of Perspex, which speaks of its authenticity as a creation of the famous graffiti artist.

Members of the local community—who are proud to have a piece of Banksy in their neighborhood—have protested against the theft of “Child Labor” and is lobbying to have it returned.


[via Daily Mail, images via Londonist,]
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