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These Brilliant, Eye-Catching Outdoors Ads Will Have You Stop & Stare

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KitKat Bench

To highlight how effective ambient advertising—which are ads placed in unusual, unexpected places—can be when done well, design-focused website Design Superstars has collected a series of hilarious and creative examples that will definitely catch your eye.

From giant, out-of-place items—such as a bottle of over-sized, gravity-defying nail polish in the middle of a busy street—to cleverly utilizing public structures, these ingenious ads will likely stop you in your tracks to take a closer look.

If making an impression and evoking curiosity is the goal of such ads—the ones below have certainly succeeded in doing so.

Head over here for more brilliant ambient ads.

Reach Dental Floss

Lay’s – “Our Potatoes Are Grown Closer Than May Think”

BIC – Huge Razor

Smart Fortwo

Rimmel Quick Dry Nail Polish


Gorge Grown Farmers Market

MTV Switch – Global Warming

WWF – “Save Paper, Save The Planet”

Pepperidge Farm Soft Bread

doydoy – “Germany’s Largest Kebab”

Tibits – “Very Very Fresh Vegetarian Food”

Bounty Paper Towels

Nationwide Car Insurance

International Music Festival – “Listen To Sounds From Down Under”

[via Design Superstars]
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