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Nokia Unveils US$20 Mobile Phone, Battery Lasts 35 Days On Single Charge

As it loses appeal in technologically-advanced countries, the Finnish phone giant Nokia has launched a phone for the world’s developing markets, according to CNet.

Nokia 105 costs only €15 (about US$20), and has a battery life of up to 842 hours (35 days) on a single charge.

On standby time, it lasts that long, but for talk time it lasts 12.5 hours.

The camera-less phone measures 107 x 44.8 x 14.3mm, weighs 70g, has a 1.4" color screen and a durable, dust and splash-proof keypad.

Nokia 105 not only offers the basic functions of sending texts and making calls—but also offers features such as a speaking clock, a flashlight, an FM radio, five programmable alarms, an appointment calendar, and Nokia Life for living and learning.

Depending on the country it is bought in, the cyan or black-bodied phone comes loaded with five games, such as Sudoku, Cricket Cup, Forbidden Treasures and Snake Xenzia, to name a few.

Unfortunately, Nokia 105 will only be available in countries India, China, Indonesia and Nigeria.

Do you think it could make a good back-up phone?

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