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Detailed Watercolor-Painted Map Of Post-Zombie Apocalypse Seattle

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If you live in Seattle and a zombie apocalypse breaks out, do not panic—for Tony Dowler has created a doomsday map of post-apocalyptic Seattle, that helps you find your way around.

Entitled ‘Post-Apocalyptic Seattle’, the foldable detailed watercolor-painted image is an imagined, destroyed version of Seattle in the likeness of Google Maps’ satellite imagery.

Seattle-based Dowler is selling the map together with a survival guide, ‘Dee Dee’s Doomsday Guide to Surviving in Post-Apocalyptic Seattle’, that reveals secrets to “surviving in Post Seattle, including lore, rumors, and reliable information about each and every neighborhood of Seattle”, he wrote on Kickstarter.

To create the map, Dowler woke up 6AM three days a week, to paint for an hour each—taking him almost a year to get it done (322 days to be exact).

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version


[via Tony Dowler]
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