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The First ‘E-Ink Android Smartphone’ Unveiled, Offers 4 Weeks Battery-Life

Those who love the minimalist, black-and-white screen of the Kindle Paperwhite would love this new unconventional smartphone.

Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress a couple of days ago is the first ‘Android phone with E Ink display’.

The E Ink Android smartphone offers all the functions of a regular smartphone, with 4 weeks of battery life (1 week for normal usage) and weighs 80gm.

Because E Ink screens don’t use any power when not actively changing displays, the phones would last as long as 4 weeks when on standby.

Like most e-readers, the interface is a little slow and not as lag-free, and the display has a lower resolution—unlike regular smartphones; but it does offer a better viewing experience under direct, strong sunlight.

The camera-less phone was developed by Taiwanese company E Ink that is currently working together with other companies to bring full-fledged E-Ink smartphones to the market.

The E Ink Android Smartphone is expected to cost €150 (US$200).

Would you be keen on an E Ink smartphone?

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