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In Japan, Tiny Apartments The Size Of ‘Coffins’

If you thought the micro-flats in Hong Kong were cramped, you should take a look at these ‘coffin-sized’ tiny apartments in Tokyo.

Called ‘share houses’ or ‘Geki-sema’, these ‘coffin-sized’ apartments can barely fit a single person, together with a few belongings.

According to Daily Mail, the apartments are usually occupied by young professionals who spend most of their time at work—only returning to these tiny accommodations for sleep.

Despite the lack of space, people are actually paying up to £400 a month to stay in them—reportedly due to the lack of housing options in Tokyo—one of the most crowded cities in the world.

These accommodations are definitely not meant for the claustrophobic as many of them don’t even have windows or doors—and anyone over the height of 6-foot will probably have trouble stretching their legs.

[via The Daily Mail]
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