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For Photographers With A Sweet Tooth, A Chocolate DSLR Camera

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San Francisco-based artist Hans Chung has created a detailed replica of a Canon DSLR camera that is good enough to eat.

Made entirely of delicious chocolate, the five pound camera even comes with a chocolate battery grip and camera lens.

When asked about the process, he said, “I buy a real camera and a real lens. Then I make a mold box and make a mold. The camera is pretty much destroyed in the process.”

“Making a mold of something so intricate is not easy [or] cheap. The mold material required to achieve this level of detail does not last beyond 10 copies. After 10 copies, some details start to fade away.”

“Each camera takes about 5 hours of elapsed time of tempering and pouring. I only have a small chocolate tempering machine.”


This limited edition edible chocolate camera can be yours at US$500.

[via Toxel]
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