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Advanced Visual Effects Bring Audrey Hepburn Back On Screen

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Audrey Hepburn lives on, thanks to Framestore's sophisticated VFX techniques.

To make the project more feasible, the company scouted for the ideal Audrey Hepburn double: Someone whose facial features and characteristics matched closely to the real Hepburn's.

Then they conducted intensive facial scanning which involved a FACS or Facial Action Coding System. This allowed them to record more than 70 possibilities of muscle movements which in turn, facilitated the production of high resolution textures.

According to Framestore, the biggest hurdle they faced was replicating Audrey's expressive bambi-esque eyes and her classic smile. It took the combined effort of four animators to animate carefully posed expressions by hand, in each shot of this advertisement.

The realistic CG version of Audrey stars in a UK Galaxy chocolate commercial, which you can watch below:


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