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Instagram Introduces ‘Dining Filter’, Instantly Deletes Food Pictures

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After the banning of customers taking Instagram pictures in NYC restaurants, Instagram decided to release a new filter specifically for food photography.

Called the ‘Dining Filter’, the filter detects food shots captured and instantly deletes them!

When users try to upload images of food onto the app, the Dining Filter flashes a skull and crossbones across the users’ screen.


This move was to prevent further “PR damage”, Instagram told The Phoblographer.

“The order came from the CEO, ‘Get rid of all the f***ing eggs,’ as he slapped a pile of angry letters from restaurateurs on my desk,” John Matheson, a designer at Instagram added.

After which, Matheson then developed an algorithm in a few hours that went live.

JUST KIDDING! Instagram’s Dining Filter is just a humorous piece made up by The Phoblographer. Hope you all had a great weekend!

[via The Phoblographer]
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