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The Vatican Commits Design Cardinal Sin, Releases Photo Book In ‘Comic Sans'

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Using the font ‘Comic Sans’ is considered a ‘cardinal sin’ in the design industry and no amount of repentance can absolve it—even if the ‘sinner’ is The Vatican.

To commemorate his papacy as the Pope of the Catholic Church for the past eight years, The Vatican released a digital photo album of former Pope Benedict XVI.

The 62-page album, which has been published on the Vatican website, features a collection of photos from the Holy See’s newspaper, ‘L’Osservatore Romano’.

On each page is an image of Benedict XVI performing various Pope-like activities—such as conducting masses, meeting people and praying—however, the quotes that accompany every picture are in the widely reviled font, Comic Sans.

Instead of focusing on the images, the internet appears to be outraged by the font selection.


The Verge said that it’s “a font typically associated with children’s birthday party invitations rather than papal resignations or God Particle pursuits”.

“…one would think the Vatican would have more dough to spend on a web designer. The Pope’s scrapbook looks like something out late-90s Geocities, utilizing the much-maligned Comic Sans font to provide captions for each picture,” wrote Salon.

Using Comic Sans is a ‘sin’, but is the internet right to be upset?

What do you think? Should The Vatican be ‘absolved’ of its crime?

[via PetaPixel, The Verge and Salon]
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