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Hilarious, Colorful Graphic Posters Of Fat Superheroes

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Pistoia-based Italian illustrator Jonathan Calugi of Happy Lovers Town has created a funny series of posters that depicts unusually plump superheroes.

A firm believer in the virtues of “Less is more”, Calugi’s style—which is evident in his ‘Fat Hero’ collection—is clean and simple, featuring minimalist lines and strong but uncomplicated colors.

Giving well-known characters like Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spider Man and Wonder Woman a bulky makeover, the illustrator reveals the little seen, heavier side of these normally trim and fit superheroes.

Showing that one need not be stick-thin to be super, these deliberately flat and two-dimensional illustrations will have any mere mortal feeling good about themselves—the poster series also includes cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and The Pink Panther.

See the entire collection below:


[via Happy Lovers Town]
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