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Amazing, Gravity-Defying Lamps With Floating Lampshades

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Dutch design company Crealev—which “invents, designs and prototypes levitation technology and floating products”—has created two astounding lamps with lampshades that hover magically over their bases.

Utilizing an integrated levitation technology that consists of electromagnetic components and a sophisticated control system, the ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Silhouette’ lamps feature hand-crafted bases and futuristic floating shades.

While the Eclipse is a cylindrical modernist lamp with a transparent glass base, the Silhouette is an updated version of the standard cone-shaped table lamp.

Both lamps illuminate with light that flows through the openings in the mirror, that covers the lower part of their lampshades.

Designed to maintain stability, the hovering top half of the lampshades will stick to the bottom half if it gets accidentally dislodged from its magnetic equilibrium—so there is little need to worry that it will go crashing to the floor with the slightest nudge.

See more images of these fascinating lamps below:


[via Crealev]
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